Who is this Course For?

Leigh has a teaching style that is both energetic and fun.  The information is not only useful and applicable to all REALTORS® , it also breaks the monotony that the typical seminar style of learning features.  The beauty of this course lies in the benefits it shares to both beginning and accomplished REALTORS® alike.  Those who have grown their real estate business to a profitable point often fail to break through their ceiling; this course will show you exactly how to increase your influence and reach new heights! Starting out in this industry can be a real challenge.  Not to fear; this course will show you strategies and techniques that will get you on a growth path, without having to spend your life savings to get there.   

No one should ever tell you that it is easy.  It will require commitment and attention to detail.  The main benefit of this course is to direct all of your efforts into the aspects of your real estate business that will ultimately lead you to faster growth, more profit, and a better understanding of how to scale your business in an efficient way.

With a small commitment and investment into your real estate business, you enable your future to reach new heights with REALTOR®, CEO, best-selling author, coach, and speaker Leigh Brown.

  • Tailored content for your level of expertise

    Two levels of detailed course materials that will benefit even the most accomplished REALTOR®. The course modules will work to expand and enhance your real estate business.

  • Business growth designed specifically for Real Estate Agents

    Growing your Real Estate business is hard work! Learn genuine techniques that will increase your profitability, scale your business, and allow you to build a team that will all work towards a common goal.

  • Expand your sphere of influence with both buyers and sellers

    You will learn the growth path that Leigh herself followed to build a powerful and highly profitable brand. Learn how to increase your reach over every aspect of the market.

Mastering Real Estate

For those just starting out or looking to grow beyond their current realm. You'll learn valuable strategies to help you expand your influence and increase your overall profit. If you are ready to kick it up a notch, this is the course for you.

$299 - BUY NOW

Mastering Real Estate

When you have reached a ceiling in your real estate business, you often need the tools to aggressively push through it. Leigh provides them in the advanced course. This is a great option for those starting an agency or building a team.

$349 - BUY NOW

Mastering Real Estate

An affordable approach with a low monthly subscription fee – includes all Advanced Modules. Continue your subscription and receive additional content throughout the year. Or complete your training quickly and discontinue at any time.

$49/mo - BUY NOW

Leigh provides all of the tools that you will need to break through your ceiling